Event Procurement and Auditing

Each year businesses bleed between $125,000 and 1.4million dollars in event revenue leakage

Event Negotiators are Event Procurement and Auditing Specialists; assisting companies,causes, individuals with vendor and venue procurement.

We source the best venues and vendors at the best possible prices; our teams have built strategic alliances throughout the years and Event Negotiators are renowned for their incredible results

Aligning their incredible skills with major organisations/corporations; Event Negotiators saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue leakage. Negotiating with all vendors to ensure the best possible event contracts; we work with your in house events team to ensure we have negotiated based on all your needs and then hand over the completed contracts for an inhouse execution of the event.

Drawing on our exceptional Event Auditors our teams analyse and assess your event history and work with your organisation we ensure that you are getting a congruent price point for each department / branch / division for your business; giving you the best possible result to your bottom line.